WTF YAML Clothing for our love/hate relationship with YAML

About Us

Our Mission

To have a bit of fun and celebrate those who enjoy geeking out about their passions or work within the world of technology and development. Just because we want to poke fun at YAML, we still love development and want to provide some stylish clothes to everyone out there.

Our Story

WTF YAML was started in 2020 by Kyle Galbraith, a platform/infrastructure engineer. "I often beat my head against the wall when it comes to YAML", says Kyle, "but when it works it makes me smile. It's this perfect balance of wanting to cry with a bottle of wine and dance around my office. I think everyone has opinions in this area, so why not express those opinions in some stylish threads."

Our Approach

Kyle currently works as a platform engineer and spends the majority of his time deep in the infrastructure world (sometimes crying inside of a Helm chart). All of that to say that these designs are inspired by his day to day work. Each product is comfortable, high quality, on topic, and accurate to the real world.

Clothing for Everyone

We set out to provide quality clothing that is stylish, a bit funny, and something you would want to wear again and again. We provide clothing to anyone and everyone regardless of ethnicity, shapes, sizes, and gender identity. If there is a style, cut, or size you don't see please let us know.